Upcoming Hg/SVN/CVS outage & maintenance, Sunday, Sept. 28 @ 10pm PDT (0500 UTC)

(This work was originally scheduled two weeks ago but postponed a couple times to accommodate build and release related activities.)

A note about an upcoming maintenance window –

We need to take our LDAP infrastructure offline for two hours tomorrow night, which will affect everything that uses LDAP for authentication, including Hg and SVN.

We’ll also use that same time to take cvs.mozilla.org offline for maintenance.

During this time, anonymous checkouts via http/https from svn.mozilla.org and hg.mozilla.org will continue to work, as well as pserver checkouts from cvs-mirror.mozilla.org.

Check-ins for SVN will be disabled until LDAP is back online. For Hg, you can still commit locally, but will need to wait for LDAP to return before pushing your commits back to the server. CVS commits will be available when cvs.mozilla.org‘s (separate) maintenance is completed.

This is planned for tomorrow night (Sunday) starting at 10pm PDT and lasting until about 12am PDT (0500 – 0700 UTC).

Please let me know if this time frame is entirely inconvenient.

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  1. Jesper Staun Hansen wrote on :

    “Upcoming Hg/SVN/CVS outage & maintenance, Sunday, Sept. 27 @ 10pm PDT (0500 UTC)” That would be next year?