Mozilla Scheduled Maintenance (Tree Closure) – 10/04/2010, 6am PDT (1300 UTC)

RelEng will have a scheduled maintenance window Monday, October 4 from 6:00am to 9:00am PDT.

All Firefox & TryServer trees will be closed during this window.

This long-overdue downtime will catch us up on a long list of pending fixes. The big ticket items are:

  • 596132: landing some config changes needed to start running unittests/talos on android
  • 505512: this automatically re-trigger builds if we ever detect infrastructure problems

The complete list is:

  • 595027: Halt builds when mercurial clones fail
  • 532412: Audit custom steps to make sure they’re reconfig safe
  • 600608: Upgrade Mercurial on Linux slaves to 1.6.3
  • 600979: need to install non-broken preloginloader on w32-ix-*
  • 505512: Make infrastructure related problems turn the tree a color other than red
  • 596388: No Firefox builds on etc for 3 days
  • 599961: MacOSX 8.8.1 builds on mozilla-1.9.2 have binary spew in tinderbox logs
  • 596852: purge_builds should delete directories older than some threshold
  • 506404: Create buildbot steps and automation branch for “nanojit-central”
  • 327076: mozilla/tools/update-packaging/ ignores paths with spaces in them
  • 600073: Disable Talos on Electrolysis branch
  • 593081: Releng Downtime – unscheduled for week of Sept 27, 2010
  • 600626: Use the last try: in a push’s commit messages
  • 594018: Selectively unpack test suites for unittests
  • 556530: move Talos from cvs into Mercurial
  • 600029: Running ts_cold_generated_* tests on windows and should not
  • 596132: update talos remote testing to log to file instead of redirect to file

If you have any reason that this downtime should *not* go ahead, please email release@m.c or reply on this post in dev.tree-management. Finally, if you see any problems *after* the downtime period ends, please file a blocker bug in