Mozilla Scheduled Maintenance (Tree Closure) – 12/17/2010, 8am PST (1600 UTC)

We will have a scheduled maintenance window Friday, December 17 from 8:00am to 5:00pm PST.

All Firefox, Fennec & TryServer trees will be closed during this window.

This downtime is needed to reallocate power and network infrastructure for all build, unittest and talos slaves+masters in the Internap data center. The curious can follow along in bug 616658. This work is necessary to ensure reliability and maintainability of release infrastructure going forward.

Once IT has completed the cabling work is completed, RelEng will trigger a new set of builds, unittests and talos jobs to ensure all is good before reopening the trees.

We realize that this is a long window, so have selected the travel day at the end of the All Hands week, as historically this has been a very quiet period for the tree. This was discussed during the Tuesday platform meeting (7thDec), and was agreed to be the least disruptive day.

If you have any reason that this downtime should not go ahead, please email release@m.c or reply on this post in dev.tree-management. Finally, if you see any problems after the downtime period ends, please file a blocker bug in