Mozilla Scheduled Maintenance (Tree Closure) – 1/26/2011, 1am PST (0900 UTC 01/26/2011)

We will have a scheduled maintenance window tomorrow morning from 1am to 5am PST (0900-1300 UTC)

All Firefox, Fennec & TryServer trees will be closed during this window.

  • 1:00am PST (0900 UTC) RelEng will roll the last of the “mac64->mac” rename changes into production.

    This is needed for a few reasons (to avoid manual renaming mac files during releases; to have same name for nightlies & depbuilds; to avoid WebDev changes; to reduce user confusion, etc). More details in bug 600931.

    This downtime is intentionally very late at night. We need this to be done as-close-as-possible to when we typically do nightlies, and needs several hours for testing build-on-checkin, builds-on-nightly and release-builds. Doing at this time is the *lowest* checkin load, so should be least disruption to developers and this is also morning time for Rail (who worked on this code).

    Sorry for the short notice on this. We intentionally held off this until the FF3.5/FF3.6 releases were handed off, and beta10 shipped, so this is soonest we can do this. Also, this is something that needs to be landed as early as possible before the next FF4.0beta, for nightly testing.

    There were no objections in today’s 11am platform meeting, but if you have a reason this work should *not* proceed at this time, please let us know. Also if you see any problems with updates on mac after this work, please file a blocker bug in