Mozilla Scheduled Maintenance (Tree Closure) – 2/3/2011, 6am PST (1400 UTC 02/03/2011)

We will have a scheduled maintenance window Thursday Morning from 6am to 9am PST (1400-1700 UTC)

All Firefox, Fennec & TryServer trees will be closed during this window.

  • 6:00am PST (1400 UTC) FTP storage cutover.
    We will be doing the final cutover to increase storage space for Starting around 3:00am PST, we’ll be running rsyncs while the last builds complete before the downtime. After tree-closing downtime starts at 6am, we’ll do one final rsync from the old partition to the new. We will be holding off on nightly builds until after the downtime is completed.
    We expect this to take until approximately 8:00am PST to complete.
    More details in bug 629509.

While the tree is closed, we’ll do some additional work:

  • 6:00am PST (1400 UTC) Talos Snow Leopard upgrade to 10.6.6.
    RelEng will update all of the 10.6 Snow Leopard machines to Mac OS X 10.6.6. More details are in bug 629509, and is necessary for hardblocker bug 629016.
  • 6:00am PST (1400 UTC) Graphserver update to report results to AMO.
    We will be pushing an update to graphserver that will allow Talos results to be posted to the AMO database. More details in bug 623386.
  • 6:00am PST (1400 UTC) Reset TryServer repository
    We will be resetting the tryserver repo to deal with ongoing performance issues and intermittent timeouts. More details in bug 629268.

All maintenance completed successfully, and the tree is now open.