Mozilla Scheduled Maintenance 7/12 (tree closure), 14, 19/2011 1800 PST (0100 UTC)

Network Operations will be conducting the following maintenance windows:

Tuesday July 12 2011 1800 PST (0100 UTC) [Tree Closure] Duration: 3h

All Firefox, Fennec & TryServer trees will be closed during this window.

The VPN concentrator in SJC1 will be reconfigured to accommodate point-to-point (p2p) links to PHX1 and SCL1.  During this window the p2p to SCL1 will be enabled.

The expected client impact is to Firefox Sync users who change their password. During this time LDAP replication will be suspended and affected users may experience client issues until the replication chain is restored.

Thursday July 14 2011 1800 PST (0100 UTC) Duration: 3h
Tuesday July 19 2011 1800 PST (0100 UTC) Duration: 3h

No tree closure.

Each of these days the router OS will be upgraded on a core and border pair in PHX1.  The upgrades will address bug fixes to allow IPv6 and allow the p2p form SJC1 to be enabled.

There is no expected user facing outage during this work.

Please let me know if you have any reason why we should not proceed with any of the planned maintenance. As always, we aim to keep downtime to as little as possible, but unexpected complications can arise causing longer downtime periods than expected. All systems should be operational by the end of the maintenance window.

Feel free to comment directly if you see issues past the planned windows.