Traffic Distribution

We’ve recently been doing a lot of CDN work (see my last post on, and out of that has come some interesting data as to our world-wide traffic distribution.

Here’s a breakdown for of the traffic for, by region:


The CDN traffic for is similar… although Asia ranks a bit higher (22%) and North America lower (30%).

This should tell you right away that if we just focus on North America and Europe (as many CDN’s do), we’re going to cut out almost 1/3 of our visitors. Because of this, we’re spending a good bit of time researching CDN performance, trying to find platforms that will improve the user experience for our users in “the other 30%”.

Let’s drill down into South America a bit. This is a region that doesn’t get a lot of love, at least from a CDN perspective. Quite often the nearest CDN node ends up being in Miami or southern California, and is at least 250ms away… multiply that over many page elements, and it’s quite easy to end up with a 10 second page load time. Other times there might be a nearby node, but because of poor ISP peering it’s not actually reachable from very many networks. There’s also a vibrant Mozilla community here, and we’d like to be able to do a better job for them.


This lines up fairly well with the overall World Internet Stats:

So if you’re in one of these regions, fear not! We do care about you, and things will get better soon. 🙂


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  1. Santiago Hollmann wrote on :

    That’s information is really great from the IT view it also let us know (community members in engagement) that we also need more hard work in regions like Latin America and there in each country. For example, I am from Argentina you surprised me with this graphics, I thought that we had more Personas users because of our population and Firefox users. I hope that in few time we will be changing those numbers ;).

    Stay publishing those things.