This week in IT: early holiday shopping

Mozilla is growing, and we have to grow our infrastructure right along with it.  A lot of this just happens behind the scenes as we are buying and installing new gear every month.  For today’s post I thought I would give an insight into the broad range of servers we have in the ordering/shipping process right now.

if only it were this easy...

  • New mailbox store – Our last Zimbra hardware upgrade was back in April. We are at the point now where we need to shed some mailboxes off to a second server to help with load.  This is not so much due to the growth in the number of mailboxes we host, but because most of our users have multiple clients hitting Zimbra all of the time. Desktop, laptop, cellphone, tablet..  multiply that by the number of mailboxes and we have to start spreading the love to an additional server before it becomes a problem.
  • New VMWare servers – More VM space for QA, Labs, and more!
  • New load balance test box – We have run into issues with our blade-hosted load balancer boxes.  We will swap a couple out in one of our data centers for some beefier boxes and 10gig ethernet connections.  Depending on our results here we may be reworking our existing load balancing clusters to fit this new model.  In addition, this will provide guidance for our new data center in the spring.
  • New gear for – a whole rack of blades, in fact!  We are also awaiting the arrival of some Fusion IO flash accelerator cards for the AMO database nodes.  This will greatly increase the speed of I/O for those database nodes, ending up in faster results and more capacity.  We did the same for the bugzilla databases recently with great success.
  • Elastic Search servers for Socorro – 8 1U servers (aka “pizza boxes”) are on their way for Socorro.
  • New servers and infrastructure for China – We are prepping infrastructure for a new data center in China that will provide plenty of room and power where our current data center is tight.  This allows us to source some sites locally there as well as cache others there for improved performance throughout the region.

On a logistical note, we are getting a new block of space in our Phoenix data center that all of this gear will go in once it is ready (except for the China servers).  We are close – just a few more pieces to that puzzle and we will start racking this new gear.

That’s all for now, it is time to get back to obsessing over FedEx trackers and logistical details.  Next week, we invent teleportation.