This week in IT: We rack some stuff

While all of the SCL3 work discussed in this blog goes on, we are still growing in other data centers as well.  As I mentioned last week we have a lot of gear going to Phoenix.  This week, 3 network engineers, 2 sysadmins, and 1 data center project manager descended on our Phoenix facility to get some gear up and running in a new pod.  Not much to say here, so this will mostly be a picture post:

New data center pod

We make this data center look goooood!

In a couple of days we fought electrical mismatches, delivery delays, and lack of sunlight to get some new servers and network gear online.  For starters we are working on a new VMWare environment which is being setup and tested now.

Switches and VMWare environment

In addition, we prepped a whole rack of blade chassis for more AMO gear, prepped power in additional racks, racked some Elastic Search gear for Socorro, and worked on out of band management for all gear involved.

2 responses

  1. bastiaan wrote on :

    Nice rack!

    At least this time I can say it without getting slapped.

  2. Robert Kaiser wrote on :

    Yay for the Socorro ES machines – and of course all your other work!

    And what’s in the nice Firefox package? 😉