MXR Repo Changes and Additions

We’ve made a few additions and changes to the repos in MXR today, per Bugs 653424 and 675115.

The following repos have been added and are processed daily:

  • comm-aurora
  • comm-beta
  • comm-release
  • mozilla-release
  • l10n-mozilla-release

Additionally the comm-2.0 repo was added as a one-time processing job, so it is indexed and searchable now as well.

The following repos have been moved from daily processing to weekly processing. These seem to be receiving very infrequent updates (less than monthly), so I believe it will not significantly impact anyone.

  • bugzilla2.20
  • bugzilla3.0
  • bugzilla3.2
  • firefox2
  • fuel
  • incubator-central
  • mozilla1.8
  • mozilla1.8.0
  • mozilla1.9.1
  • mozilla2.0
  • l10n-mozilla1.8
  • l10n-mozilla1.8.0
  • l10n-mozilla1.9.1
  • l10n-mozilla2.0
  • tamarin-central
  • webtools
  • webtools-central

If you feel that any of these need more frequent MXR processing, please let me know about it by filing a bug with the IT Request form. You can open a bug in the main Webtools::MXR component as well, but since IT is curently managing the MXR repos it will take longer to make its way to us if you go that route. 🙂