This week in Mozilla Databases: Friday February 17, 2012

I have been at Mozilla nearly three months, and I used to blog a lot more than I currently do. A lot of the content I used to blog about I end up blogging and talking about in OurSQL: The MySQL Database Community Podcast. And I have also been getting used to the Mozilla firehose, as well as my own firehose of database projects that need to be done.

There are two very large projects that are time-sensitive that I am working on: migrating databases from an older data center to a newer one, and the impending public launch of the Mozilla Apps Store.

That being said, this week in Mozilla databases we have:

– migrated/improved/built our dev/stage databases for Socorro, our crash stats database.

– put monitoring on a newer backup server, after a random check showed replication had been stopped on one backup instance for several days due to the master’s binary logs changing names. Of course we also fixed that broken replication.

– made more progress getting the newer backup server to act like the older backup server – we do physical and logical backups, and currently the logical backups are working properly. The physical backups are a legacy cold backup, and I will not be migrating that, instead opting to use xtrabackup.

– turned off our Scalarc software, as we now have an appliance for our proof-of-concept test.

– retired 2 machines that were not in use, and exist in our older data center. I am always paranoid when I shut a machine down, triple-checking that I am on the right server when I type “shutdown now”.

– did a test migration of the production database for Mozilla QA, from the old data center to the new one.

– added new custom fields to Bugzilla for the release of Thunderbird 10.

– Created new databases and access for:
Case Conductor, a replacement for Litmus for the QA team
De Todos Para Todos, Mozilla’s outreach project to Latin America.

There is much much more to come in the weeks ahead!

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  1. anon wrote on :

    Check the original blogpost:
    You accidentally removed the second and third point by adding it to the link of the first point. Check the URL of “xtrabackup”.

    1. Sheeri wrote on :

      Thanx! I fixed the problem (an errant quote).