Rebooting Air Mozilla: Bugzilla, Blog-Posts & Babysteps

As many Mozillians know, we’ve begun work on rebooting Air Mozilla, our streaming video service. Most of the early changes are under the hood, but I wanted to let you know about a few small improvements we have in place already.

There’s a web-based event scheduling system in the works for later this year, but until that’s up and running we’ve revised the brownbag request form linked from intranet wiki.  It now lets you book a time-slot in any of the Mozilla community spaces (e.g. 10 Forward, SFO Commons or TOR Commons)  If  you’re planning on holding an event in one of the community spaces, using this form will ensure the space gets reserved.  You should use it even if your event isn’t a brownbag and whether or not you plan to stream the event over Air Mozilla.  The Air Mozilla team will make sure your event makes it to the relevant Zimbra calendar for the space.

In Bugzilla, there’s is a new shared search called AirMo Events that will show you what’s on our upcoming schedule.  You can get to that by clicking on the “Preferences” link at the top of the page and then selecting the Saved Searches tab.  Click on the “Summary” column title to sort the list in date order.

The biggest visible change so far is that we’ve revised the Air Mozilla workflow for public events.  Within half an hour of the end of your event, we’ll add a comment to the bug you filed to schedule the event  It will contain two links. The first is a link to a downloadable flash recording of the video.  Currently that recording is a .f4v file, which is H.264 video in a Flash container.   We don’t like closed video formats any more than anyone else at Mozilla, but live-streaming an open format at scale is still a problem. Until we can qualify a CDN that can reliably do live streaming WebM we’re stuck with Flash.

The second link is a short link.  That links to a page that will auto-detect your device and connection speed and stream the correct format at an appropriate data rate. This works even for iOS devices.  The conversion can take an hour or more, so the link will not be live until the conversion process has finished.

You don’t need an embedded player to  include an Air Mozilla video in a blog post or web page.

The short link in the last comment of your bug is of the form  The string “xyzzy” is the stream identifier.

Add the following html to your post or page, substituting your video’s stream identifier for “xyzzy” in the example:

<iframe frameborder="0" width="640" height="360" name="vidly-frame"
    <a target="_blank" href="">
    <img src="" />

And finally, one more important change to bugzilla.  We’ve added an Air Mozilla product and some appropriate components to bugzilla in the “Other Products” category.  Please use these to report any problems you have with Air Mozilla, the Vidyo teleconferencing systems, or any other audio and video related issues at Mozilla.

UPDATE:  We’ve revised the embed code above so it’s a bit simpler.  We’ve also started including the embed code in the bug comments as of April 5, 2012.

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  1. John Drinkwater wrote on :

    Thank you for this article, please please encourage more Mozilla staff and contributors to use HTML5 video, as I find I bump into a higher %age of webm on the IE blog than Planet Mozilla :/