Seeking Articles About HTML5 and Python

Because I wrote a book and am somewhat visible in the community, I often get requests to write articles, and many of those requests are not completely appropriate for me. For example, today I got an e-mail from Lukas Rakowski of Software Press, who makes PHP Solutions Magazine. Basically, they’re looking for articles about HTML5 and Python – neither of which are subjects I could author an article on (other than “I know HTML5 is all sorts of awesome” and “I’ve been meaning to script in Python more”).

However, I know that there are many Mozillians that can write and can write about HTML5 and/or Python. To that end, here is the message I received:

We are creating a new version of popular magazine PHP Solutions, which is available online.
The magazine is about programming languages and software creation technologies.
Articles published in the our magazine provide ready-made solutions,
which the reader can use in their work.
We are looking for specialist in web development and programing, who will be
interested in writing some articles in this subject.
May you be interested in sharing your knowledge with us?
We currently seek for HTML5 and/or Python specialists.
Please send me more information about yourself
and your experience in this subject.

If you are interested, please contact Lukas at lukasz dot rakowski at – I have no further information about this; I don’t know what benefits/compensation are involved, how frequently the new magazine will come out, etc. I am just passing along the message.