IT Desktop Newsletter – March 2012 Edition

We have a new team member!

We are still growing! We would like to extend a warm welcome to Ryan Watson as the latest member to join the Desktop Support Team! He will be based in the London office, and supporting the needs in his surrounding area.

Ryan’s favorite part about being a Mozillian is, ”being around great people to learn from and having an open community environment… and of course the free snacks :D.” He also says, “I like to spend my free time either in the gym or with friends nerding out.” If he could travel anywhere in the world, he said, “I would like to check out Japan. I have been fortunate enough to have traveled pretty well in my life, but Japan is still very high on my to-do list. It seems like a very interesting and different place.”

Some Email Client Options

If you prefer to use a local email client we suggest Thunderbird. With Thunderbird you can sync up your email and folders so that you can work offline when you do not have an internet connection.

Thunderbird also has great add-ons, like Lightning. Lightning allows you to manage your calendar within Thunderbird. For further assistance setting up Thunderbird with Lightning please see:
Setting up Thunderbird with Lightning.

If you prefer a web-based email client then we suggest using Zimbra: Don’t forget that within Zimbra we have a list of office conference rooms so that you can conveniently book a room.

  • NOTE: After adding a conference room to the meeting invitation, make sure that you click the [Send] button. If you only use the [Save] button, then Zimbra will not reserve the room on your behalf.

Distribution Lists in Zimbra

Have you ever needed to see the full list of members that are included in a particular distribution list? Here’s how:
  1. In Zimbra mail click the “Address Book” tab.
  2. Change the drop-down search menu from “Contacts” to “Global Address List.”
  3. Type the distribution list name or a part of the name in the search field (e.g. typing London will show a list of employees based out of London, or at least those interested in London office news).
  4. Click the [Search] button.

Employee Purchase Program

Take advantage of our Employee Purchase Program with CDW!

  • For the U.S., go to, enter the EPP code (CF327EFB), and register for an EPP E-Account.
  • For Canada, go to, enter the EPP code (A9D722B2), and register for an EPP E-Account.

Need computer equipment?

We are here to help! Have you seen the power adapters with pink duct tape and wondered why the flashy decor? These are placed in conference rooms for your convenience during meetings. We prefer these power bricks to stay in the conference room, so if you find that you need to replace the one at your desk, then please contact us. We are happy to get you your own power adapter!

Do you deal with some sensitive information on your computer? You may want a Privacy Screen to place over your external monitor. Submit a bug for IT Desktop or send a quick IRC message and we can get take care of you.

Computer MoseIs your mouse worn down and ready for retirement like this one?  Then we can get you a new one!





3 responses

  1. Justin Dolske wrote on :

    Kudos for posting this to Planet, always nice to further open up even the mundane details of IT.

    I do wonder, however, if posting phone numbers / email for some things may end up in some confused Firefox users reaching you and asking for help. Guess you’ll find out! 🙂

  2. Sheeri wrote on :

    Congrats to Ryan! I can’t wait to visit him in the London office. (I met him last week while traveling to the Mountain View offce and we had some conversations, he’s awesome and geeky)

  3. csorenson wrote on :

    Thank you for the comments!

    Justin – great feedback, and we made the change 🙂

    Sheeri – we are excited about Ryan, and glad you got to meet him!