To Percona Live Speakers: Permission for Conference Video Recording

Many folks know that I have recorded sessions at conferences I attend, most notably the MySQL conferences. At last year’s OSCon, I had some trouble with the convention center staff getting upset that I was going into rooms during off-times (like before the morning sessions and at the end of the day) because I did not have a staff badge. They did not complain to me, they complained to O’Reilly, who knew I was recording and was turning the other cheek until then. The O’Reilly associate I spoke with was friendly, but let me know of the complaint and said, “You will get permission from the speakers before publishing, right?”

And of course I said yes. However, that was a pain – getting permission after the fact, since not everyone put their contact information in their presentation.

And I have been hemming and hawing about whether or not I want to record at Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo. I have had enough people ask if I was going to do it, and specifically ask me to do it, that I am putting a call out here for permission. There are some rules:

0) If Percona has a problem with it, I won’t record.
1) I will not record in a room Percona is recording in. There only needs to be one recording, and Percona’s are professional quality (and they pay for it to be such!). Mine are free, but amateur quality.
2) I will only record sessions I have permission to record and redistribute. Permission must be given to me, preferably by a comment here, but I’ll accept an e-mail to me, if you have my e-mail. (I prefer it as a comment here because then it’s a matter of public record)