Percona Live: NYC Conflicts with Oracle OpenWorld

I was checking out my schedule as I prepared to submit some talks to Percona Live: NYC, when I noticed that it conflicts with Oracle OpenWorld, and starts the day after MySQL Connect finishes. The dates for Oracle OpenWorld were announced at the end of last year’s OpenWorld, so Percona has made a bold statement by choosing to conflict with Oracle OpenWorld. I do not believe Percona knew about MySQL Connect, but it’s happening all the same.

This is all mostly to say that I cannot attend Percona Live: NYC – I have obligations as an Oracle ACE Director to attend some meetings before and during Oracle OpenWorld, but even if I did not, I just submitted presentations to MySQL Connect and it’s not feasible for me to do that kind of flight with a time zone change and try to be coherent for a presentation. Therefore, I will not be submitting any presentations to Percona Live. I suppose folks will “notice” that Oracle is missing from this conference as well – just like the Percona Live: MySQL Conference and Expo, Percona is making it difficult for Oracle to actually attend.

For those who do wish to submit, the call for papers for Percona Live: NYC is open until May 14th (according to Terry Erisman).

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  1. Giuseppe Maxia wrote on :

    I have also to choose between the two conferences. I will go to San Francisco.
    By making speakers and attendees choose between two conferences at the opposite sides of a continent, this overlap looks bad for the MySQL community.