Mozilla DB News, Friday May 4th

Happy Star Wars Day. May the Fourth be with you!

We are still busy with data center moves! Only two more to go through, until we are all done. Twice this week, people have come to me, frantically saying “This database is moving NEXT WEEK and I need it migrated! Help!” and in both instances my reply has been, “Those servers are ready to go, they’ve been replicating data for weeks.”

Which led coworker Shyam Mani to make a Chill Meme (has bad language), which then prompted me to make a Keep Calm Meme.

  • Added some metadata for
  • Moved our internal inventory database.
  • Started to update all the documentation we have, with all the new machine names and virtual IPs. This includes making sure backups are appropriately documented, and in several cases we realized backups just were not running. So much of my week this week was getting 2 of our backup servers set up with 6 instances total to back up. These backups were taken by taking a hot backup of production and restoring them, so we know that restores work too, for all these servers! This project is not completely finished, but did take up several days of my week this week.
  • Created a database and users for the Mozilla web page maker webtool.
  • Created a new database for the buildbot application.
  • Helped migrate the database for the Mozilla Graphs webtool.
  • Worked on my talks for the Professional IT Community Conference next week.
  • Made travel plans for the OUG Harmony Conference in Finland May 30-31st.
  • Got the ball rolling on OurSQL CDs and some super-secret but totally awesome (and less expensive than a T-shirt) Open DB Camp swag for the free Open DB Camp USA, June 8-10th, co-located with the free SouthEast LinuxFest in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • I also sent e-mail to previous sponsors asking for sponsorship of Open DB Camp. With a minimum of $250 for your business to be recognized, this is an easy way to stretch your marketing budget dollars!
  • Submitted paperwork to renew financial support for OurSQL through May 31st, 2013. Thanx Oracle TechNet!

It has been a crazy few weeks, and will only get crazier as I will be traveling more and more….This weekend is the only weekend in May I will be spending at home!