Mozilla DB News, Friday May 18th

Last week I did not post one of these, because I was at Professional IT Community Conference (PICC) 2012; in New Brunswick, NJ. This is my third year in a row speaking and attending the conference, and it is always a great time. I did a session on MySQL Security (PDF slides) and another on Getting Started with a Podcast (PDF slides). There will be videos available sometime in the future, and I will link to those when they are up.

Other than that, it has been a fairly hectic two weeks. The final set of machines was moved out of the data center on Tuesday, so there was some work on that done, and there will be residual cleanup to do, but that is mostly behind us now. There was plenty of setting up machines, backing up machines and changing MySQL ACLs going on, with more to come to finally clean up all the cruft that has gone away.

And in bullet-point list format, everything else:

  • We finally got all the proper drivers/firmwares/system updates on the 2 addons databases that were crashing.

  • Unfortunately, now there are 2 other machines crashing (the first 2 were HP machines, these are seamicro machines).

  • Removed many staging databases that were not in use, such as the one for Chocolate Factory.

  • Creating new users on a database that had an application password leak.

  • Lots of documentation updating happening, and some new documents created, such as what VIPs folks need to use for certain databases, instead of connecting directly. This helps make automated failover and MySQL upgrades transparent.

  • Created a database and user ACLs for Tree Status

  • Created a database and ACLs for the Mozilla Ignite Apps Challenge

  • Created a database and ACLs for the Mozilla Popcorn website, which shows folks how to be powerful video editors.

  • Created a database and ACLs for the MozTrap website.

  • Data changes to Graphs

That’s all, folks!