Mozilla DB News, Thursday May 24th

The DB news this week is being posted a day early, because in about 2 hours I will be leaving to fly to Finland, where I will be speaking at the Harmony conference next week. This week has been one of organization, and we were able to get a lot done!

  • Added a monitoring check for uptime to our database systems, using the PalominoDB Nagios Plugin for MySQL
  • Fixed monitoring checks for our MySQL backup instances
  • Fixed the two seamicro machines that were crashing, and put them back in the slave pool for addons.
  • Dealt with data inconsistencies between the master and slaves on our bugzilla instances.
  • Deleted some bugzilla spam comments
  • Updated Postgres ACLs due to a new database location for our crash statsdatabase
  • Got slow query logs for our addons service to be automatically copied to a place where developers can access them.
  • Installed and configured ScaleBase in our staging addons architecture
  • disabled two mysql application accounts that had their passwords leaked.
  • Dealt with the Puppet Dashboard using up tons of disk space and suggested a way to make purging more efficient.
  • Cleaned up some older tickets that were either fixed or no longer relevant