uses BrowserID!

After months of effort in coding, testing, delays, and redesigns, we are very happy to announce that MoPad ( is now BrowserID-aware for all “Team Site” logins.

All existing Team Sites and user logins are still present, but are now handled by BrowserID instead of a local user database. If you’re not set up for BrowserID, you can do that here. It’s free and easy, and very privacy-friendly.

If you have any trouble with the new system, you can always file a bug in the component.

As is usually the case for Mozilla web apps, the code for this is freely available on github. It contains some Mozilla-specific idiosyncrasies (wording and such), but otherwise it’s a straight fork of upstream Etherpad Classic, with BrowserID thrown in.



PS: Yes, we know about Etherpad Lite. It doesn’t support Team Sites (yet!) or we’d be using it already, probably. 🙂