Slides from my talk about managing MySQL with Puppet

I gave my first presentation at MySQL/NoSQL/Cloud Latin American Conference today, in fact, it was my first presentation ever. I’ve spoken in front of small groups for a few minutes before, but never a presentation complete with slides. The talk was so successful that even the Percona guys wanted to know how Mozilla manages MySQL with Puppet!

Thanks to Santiago Lertora of Binlogic for putting together the conference. If you’re interested in the slides they can be downloaded here.

3 responses

  1. Maria Teresa wrote on :

    Congrats on your first complete presentation! Let there be another one soon! Is there a brief on it? Woud love to see it!

  2. Maria Teresa wrote on :

    Got the slides!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Brian Hourigan wrote on :

      Awesome thanks for reading them Maria 🙂 Hope you find them helpful!