Mozilla DB News, Fri 20 July

The past few weeks have been quite a blur! On Tuesday I returned home from 24 days away, speaking at the 1st Latin American conference on MySQL, NoSQL and Cloud Technologies put on by the fabulous Santiago Lertora of Binlogic. This was a spectacular event with a few hundred people attending. Afterwards I did the Oracle Technology Network Tour of Latin America, north leg. After 7 countries, 14 talks and over 40 hours on a plane, I am glad to be home!

I am thrilled that we were able to interview XKCD’s Randall Munroe for OurSQL‘s celebration of 100 – episode 99 was our 100th episode (because naturally we started at episode 0) and episode 100 was when we rolled over to 3 digits.

I have some personal vacation planned, then a trip with coworkers in August. I will not be speaking at nor attending this year’s FrOSCon as I have been doing a lot of travel and am trying to minimize it for the rest of this year. However, I will be speaking at Nagios World North America in St. Louis in September, and MySQL Connect immediately after that.

With all that being said, here is a list of the database-related work (other than speaking and traveling) that we have done in the past few weeks:

  • Added a new database and users in stage and production for our internal application for logging paid time off
  • Added an additional database in testing for our crash-stats application.
  • Debugged and fixed some backups timing out and other assorted fun backup issues.
  • Added new grants to many databases because we had a load balancer failover to a new load balancer that we hadn’t added MySQL permissions for.
  • Modified with new page definitions and new and updated test definitions, in stage and production.
  • Fixed a problem with connectivity to our crash-stats staging server.
  • Helped debug a processing script problem on Addons
  • Dropped some legacy databases that used to be associated with
  • Set up databases for (authentication required, so I’m not linking to it).
  • Fixed some data with malformed utf-8 characters. This was fascinating, because it was mostly text MySQL was trying to parse, such as “/x00”.
  • An addons database slave rebooted and had an automatic server restore (ASR) performed. However, the database was corrupt and was re-seeded from the master.
  • Added new permissions for the metrics users for the new bugzilla fields for the seamonkey 214, thunderbird 17 and firefox 17 fields.
  • Helped debug an issue with an addons MySQL script hanging.
  • Did a manual backfill when a crash-stats script failed to run one night.
  • Started to add some postgres configuration information to puppet.
  • Started to purge and defragment some of our tinderbox pushlog data.