Deprecated, Removed and Ignored Variables in MySQL 5.6

Over at the OurSQL podcast, Gerry and I were inspired by the Percona blog post about MySQL 5.5 and 5.6 default variable values differences. We were going to do a show where we talked about that, but in researching that topic, we found there were lots (around 20 to be exact) of variables and a few features in MySQL 5.6 that are ignored, removed or deprecated.

These are variables that should be removed from your configuration so as not to cause warnings or errors. When I was writing up the show notes I realized that it was a pretty good list of variables, that anyone can just read – whether or not you are willing/able to listen to the 28-minute podcast.

So if you want to see the list of variables that are deprecated, removed and ignored, complete with their workarounds/improvements, check out OurSQL Episode 130: Retired Variables.

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  1. James Day wrote on :

    One small addition:

    “innodb_additional_mem_pool_size – there are multiple innodb buffer pools, so this is no longer needed”

    The additional memory pool is used for the data dictionary and some other minor allocations other than the buffer pools. From 4.0 and perhaps earlier it’s been possible to allocate this from the system on demand. In 4.0 there was a bug in this that caused the server to crash when more was needed and this was fixed quite late in 4.0’s lifetime. Since that bug was fixed there has been no need to use this variable. It doesn’t do much harm, just allocating more memory than needed if it’s set too big, but best to remove it on sight.

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    James Day, MySQL Senior Principal Support Engineer, Oracle

    1. Sheeri wrote on :

      James – we said what we thought was right, but we’ll post a correction this week. Thanx for more data/reasons!