Videos from Open Database Camp

Open Database Camp was just over a week ago, Mar 16-17th at Harvard University, co-located with Northeast LinuxFest. We had a great lineup of speakers, and we have processed all 11 videos in record time! We got new video cameras at the beginning of the year, so the video quality and resolution is stellar, you can see everything. Here are the videos:

2013 Open Database Camp
and Related Northeast LinuxFest Videos


3 responses

  1. Anders wrote on :

    > the video quality and resolution is stellar
    Not really. In the “MySQL Backups” talk at least, the image is kind of grainy and the slides go out of focus at the 30, 33, 38 and 53 minute mark. But worse, the sound is kind of hard to hear.
    It would perhaps be better (as in higher quality and lower file size) if you put a sound recorder on the presenter and a screen recorder for the slides (usually it is better to see the slides than the presenter). But that would take more work to merge afterwards.
    But thanks for putting the videos online.

    1. Sheeri wrote on :

      Believe it or not, we did that with about half the talks. For example, Giuseppe’s talks were done that way. We only had one sound recorder and 2 cameras. And yes, we did the work to merge it afterwards. Even a separate sound recorder picks up stuff when you have a cavernous room.

  2. Anders wrote on :

    Thanks for your reply. Gieseppe’s talk do indeed have better audio and it could easily have the background “hum” removed using Audacity’s “Noise Removal” (and converted to mono, compressed and amplified). The image is still not a screen capture (avoiding the “analog gap” and noise), but it is quite legible.