60 Seconds with Mozilla IT – April 8

Every Monday Mozilla holds its weekly Project Meeting.

For the past three weeks Mozilla IT has been sharing 60 Seconds with Mozilla IT.  We’ll be cross-posting those notes here.

From April 8:

2013 Q1 Review, in 3 bullet points

  • Rolled out Bugzilla upgrade from 4.0 to 4.2. And moved it to faster hardware. Shout out to Byron, David & Mark from the BMO team.
  • Moved to a new office in Paris. Monumental amount of effort to have Internet, wifi and video conferencing up in a matter of days.
  • Our product delivery CDN peaked at nearly 200Gbps. What’s a “jigga bit”? That’s like downloading a full length movie every second. Or watching 5600 Blu-ray movies AT THE SAME TIME. Or like downloading 5 DVDs every second.

We didn’t sit still last week

  • Both the Web Tools and DBA teams helped Mozilla IT proactively upgrade our PostgreSQL infrastructure, in response to major security vulnerability release, starting with Socorro crash reporting systems
  • Pushed out the first official release of the Firefox Health Report

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  1. Sheeri wrote on :

    To be accurate, as of Monday it wasn’t just Socorro that had the postgres upgraded, it was all but one postgres cluster, which has one of our internal wikis. So all but 2 Postgres DB’s were upgraded.