60 Seconds with Mozilla IT – April 22

From the April 22 weekly Project Meeting:

Ever wonder what Mozilla IT is or what we do?

We keep the lights on.

We’re like your landlord – when the roof blows off, the ceiling leaks or the outside needs repainting, we do it. But we have no control over the furniture. Sometimes we see tenants on their way in or out or we’re called in when they’re having a loud party but other than that, we stay out of your way.

In other words, “we make sure the house is in good shape but we can always give tips about the indoors.”

If you want to have a loud party, let us know! We love parties!

File under “What you don’t see might be more important than what you do see”

Last week Mozilla suffered a huge multi-day outage with our fiber provider between Northern California and Arizona. It took down both fiber connections.

Everything failed over to the backup VPN.

I bet no one even knew this!