IT goings-on

Greetings people of Earth (and elsewhere, perhaps) and welcome to another weekly Mozilla IT update.

Some big news this week from Chris Turra and the WebOps team: our internal PaaS has, at long last, passed the security review phase and is ready for immediate production use!  Many of you have been using the PaaS in a development capacity for some time, so for those who are already familiar with the environment, you’ll be happy to learn that a number of high-availability back-end services have been deployed in order to ensure that the service is production-ready (phew, that’s a lot of hyphenated words).  Frankly, there’s way too much goodness here to cram into a single paragraph – keep watching this space for a post dedicated to the new PaaS.

Also on a WebOps tip, Jacques Uber continues to astound and amaze with new updates to “Inventory“, which is Mozilla IT’s fully open-sourced infrastructure management application.  The newest functionality includes a GUI process for assigning Static Registrations – check the repo for more details.

The Release Engineering team has been hard at work rolling out the new imaging techniques and metrics tools to the test and windows infrastructure (as noted previously), but somehow Amy Rich found the time to participate in a panel discussion at LISA ’13 entitled “Women in Advanced Computing“.  This was part of a small series on the topic, the other session being a half-day workshop hosted in part by Sheeri Cabral of the Database team.  Both sessions were very well received by all accounts!

Finally, a preview into the next post, wherein we’re going to talk a little bit about the big data centre maintenance that occurred this past week-end – so stay tuned!

As always, if you have any questions or want to learn more, feel free to comment below or hop on to #it on  See you next time!