Getting ready for the Firefox 3.5 launch

Over the past few weeks we’ve held a number of marketing workshops to get our community ready for the Firefox 3.5 launch. We covered a number of areas that will help raise awareness and get people excited about the fasted Firefox ever!

I focused on how students can contribute during my Campus Reps workshop, which covered the following activities:

  1. Creating Firefox 3.5 posters and flyers to post on campus bulletin boards, coffee shop windows, around the dorms, etc.
  2. Writing an article about or review of Firefox 3.5 for the school newspaper, magazine, and/or blog.
  3. Setting up a Firefox Help Desk to provide support and educate people about new features, cool Add-ons, and other tips and tricks for Firefox 3.5.
  4. Posting to social networks like Facebook or Twitter with updates about why you love Firefox 3.5
  5. Throwing a launch party and/or download fest to celebrate the release of Firefox 3.5 and encourage people to download and install or update from previous versions.

More details for those activities and others can be found in the Campus Reps Guide.  Since many students may not be around campus during the launch, just remember you can still get involved in your town, wherever you might be traveling during the summer, or even at home! 🙂

Check out the slides above and you can also watch the workshop* or listen to the audio.

If you’re interested joining us, tell us how you want to participate and we’ll contact you with more information as we get closer to release day.

We hope that these workshops and our open Community Marketing Team meetings will provide everyone an opportunity to learn more about how they can get involved and make a huge impact during the Firefox 3.5 launch!

* You’ll need Firefox 3.5 beta or a video player that supports Ogg Theora to view the video.

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  1. […] Jay Patel写道,“在过去几个星期内,我们相继举办了几次营销讨论会,让我们的社区准备好Firefox 3.5的发布。我们集中讨论了几个能够帮助提升认知度和让人们了解这个史上最快Firefox版本的点子。” Jay还在校园大使讨论会上继续讨论这个话题,并且提供了他幻灯片和演示视频的地址。社区营销计划是能够参与到Mozilla项目中的一个很棒的机会,可以共同在Firefox 3.5发布时造成巨大轰动。 […]

  2. […] Patel writes, “Over the past few weeks we’ve held a number of marketing workshops to get our […]

  3. That good but 3.5 is not impressive browser. I am still using 3.0. But Mozilla is best and i love it.

  4. I am ot agree with you blog tips.Mozilla 3.5 is the best browser in the all browser. No one giving Ad-ons facility. and that facility is make it more powerful.

  5. Ya i am agree with above comments. 3.5 is not providing promising features. I am preferring chrome it is reliable and faster than 3.5.

  6. I am agree with above comments. The features of 3.5 is not promising from my point of view. It is much better to use chrome.