Dec 08

The “official” QMO beta…

It’s been a long road since I first got the old QMO site up and running and tried to convince people that it was the future of Mozilla QA.  After over a year and a half of experimentation, discussion, design, development, and testing… I am proud to announce the launch of the “official” QMO beta.

This project was really born in the early days of the Mozilla Foundation when Asa, Chofmann, Cbeard and I were throwing around ideas of what a Mozilla QA site might look.  It took a while to get enough QA resources to allow me to dedicate time to thinking about QA community planning, but in 2007 I decided to build a new home for Mozilla QA.  I had always felt that something was missing and that we needed a place to call our own on the Web.

While we used to rely on our team mailing list and the QA blog on mozillaZine, we now have a robust community website that I believe will help bring the Mozilla QA team and our growing community of volunteers together.  We will be able to better collaborate to improve the quality of all Mozilla products and services, and QMO will provide a place for others to join us and learn more about Mozilla QA.

As some of you already know, I’ve been transitioning from engineering to marketing over the past few months and the QMO project is my last project as a QA guy.  It has been quite a journey watching the team grow from 3 people in 2004 to over 20 today.  We have accomplished so much in those 4 years and I hope QMO will bring the team even more success in the future.

I like to look at QMO as my farewell gift to the Mozilla QA team.  I have put so much time and energy into this project that it’s sad I won’t be using it every day.  However, I am confident that my QA comrades will make good use if it.  🙂

Thanks to Rubber Design for the logo, Airbag Industries for the site design, and Advomatic for the development!  And of course the Mozilla Webdev, IT, and QA teams for everything they do.

May 08

Redesigning QMO…

It’s been over a year since the Mozilla QA team started the QMO (quality.mozilla.org) “alpha” experiment.  We started with a simple Drupal install and added a few modules to create a new (temporary) home for Mozilla QA.  We wanted to figure out what a community website focused on quality assurance might look like.

It was my first time working with Drupal, so the early setup and configuration was definitely a learning experience.  I collected a lot of feedback from the QA team and community to put together something that worked for us.  Although the current QMO site has given us a platform to do more than our old blog on mozillaZine, we decided to take what we have learned over the past year and create a better QMO site that was more user-friendly, functional, and secure.

The first step towards an “official” QMO site was redesigning it from the ground up.  I had to think about the site design (wiki), put together a rough site architecture (.pdf), and create a website design RFP (.pdf) before finding someone to help us.  We decided to work with Airbag Industries during this first “visual refresh” phase of the project.  With input from the QA team and commuity I defined a number of page templates and after a few weeks of collaboration with the Airbag team…

We now have our final HTML/CSS templates (click the main navigation menu to see the different templates)!