Nov 11

It’s been an amazing ride…

I don’t know if I can write a full blog post without getting all teary-eyed, so I’ll just share the email I wrote to my colleagues to say goodbye:

I have been fortunate enough to experience an amazing ride at Mozilla that has spanned 1/3 of my life and almost my entire professional career.  From testing early nightly builds as a college student soon after the Mozilla project was started, to interning at Netscape in 1999 and joining full-time a few months later in 2000, to sitting in the first Mozilla Foundation office on Villa St. in 2004 with 15 other insanely passionate and determined people that had a vision no one else had seen yet, to a global community of Mozillians today that continues to carry on that vision and pushes our mission forward…. I have been privileged to be a part of something not many get a chance to experience.  And for all of that I am grateful.

Mozilla has been more than just a company or a brand to me.  It has been more than just a job.  It has been my family for over a decade.  And I will miss it.  But while I may be leaving Mozilla,  I don’t think I will ever let Mozilla leave me.   I will always have a special place for the people, the passion, the technology, and the history that make up the most amazing ride of my life.  It has been an honor working with all of you and I want to thank everyone that has taught me, inspired me, and encouraged me along the way.   A special thanks to Chris Hofmann for the opportunities you gave me and to Mitchell for her leadership and dedication to Mozilla, and to those of you that have been on this ride with me from the beginning.  You know who you are.

My last day will be Thursday, December 15, 2011.   Then it’s off to new adventures in the world of consumer electronics.  For those that are curious, I will be joining TiVo as Product Manager for TiVo Apps & SDK to develop a strategy to bring more 3rd party apps and new experiences to DVRs, TVs, and mobile devices.

Please do stay in touch. I plan to be a part of our amazing community as a Mozillian for years to come.  So don’t be a stranger.

Jay Patel

Apr 09

Exploring the Mozilla Universe

Seth Bindernagel (l10n community lead) and Rishi Mallik (one of our interns) started a CRM project back in 2007 to build a database of Mozilla contributors.  They evaluated a number of CRM solutions and developed a proof of concept built on Durpal + CiviCRM.  After their demo and some discussion around how we might use it, the project lost traction and was shelved.   I’ve spent the past few months reviving the Mozilla CRM project and we’re just getting started with development now.

I gave a quick presentation on the project at the Mozilla All-Hands today and we had good discussion around the scope of the tool and the value it will bring to various groups within the Mozilla community.  Check out the slide deck for more info:

View more presentations from Jay Patel.

As development gets underway, I hope key stakeholders and community members will share their ideas and provide feedback so we can continue to refine the features and functionality to create a tool that will help us all work better together.

I think a lot of folks understand the need for a centralized database of our community, and I hope the Mozilla CRM project will finally give us a way to not only bring together our community, but also give everyone a chance to explore the entire Mozilla Universe.

Mar 08

Happy 10th Mozilla!

I can’t believe it was 10 years ago when I was sitting at my desk in La Jolla reading about Netscape and the launch of the Mozilla project.  As a college student at UCSD, I spent that first year of the project reading up on what was going on and doing my part by testing builds.  A short year after that, in the Summer of 1999, I found myself in Mountain View, CA working at Netscape as an intern… and first met people like Chofmann, Asa and Mitchell (and a few others)… all of whom I still see every day.  It’s funny that I now work as a community lead and campus reps coordinator, both roles that allow me to connect with people in similar positions to what I was in back in 1998… and help them learn more about Mozilla and become active contributors to the project.

Time has flew by since 1998 and it’s amazing what the Mozilla project has accomplished and how our community has evolved.  Through the proprietary challenges at Netscape and layoffs at AOL to the creation of the Mozilla Foundation, launch of Firefox 1.0 and the current push towards Firefox 3 at the Mozilla Corporation… I am proud to have been a part of that wild ride.  Regardless of what organization or entity the Mozilla project has been a part of, it has always been the people that have made it great… and I just wanted to say thank you to everyone and anyone that played a part in our success.

Congratulations Mozilla!  Together we continue to make history.