Apr 09

Exploring the Mozilla Universe

Seth Bindernagel (l10n community lead) and Rishi Mallik (one of our interns) started a CRM project back in 2007 to build a database of Mozilla contributors.  They evaluated a number of CRM solutions and developed a proof of concept built on Durpal + CiviCRM.  After their demo and some discussion around how we might use it, the project lost traction and was shelved.   I’ve spent the past few months reviving the Mozilla CRM project and we’re just getting started with development now.

I gave a quick presentation on the project at the Mozilla All-Hands today and we had good discussion around the scope of the tool and the value it will bring to various groups within the Mozilla community.  Check out the slide deck for more info:

View more presentations from Jay Patel.

As development gets underway, I hope key stakeholders and community members will share their ideas and provide feedback so we can continue to refine the features and functionality to create a tool that will help us all work better together.

I think a lot of folks understand the need for a centralized database of our community, and I hope the Mozilla CRM project will finally give us a way to not only bring together our community, but also give everyone a chance to explore the entire Mozilla Universe.

Mar 09

Mozilla “On the Street” Highlights

As we get ready for the “My Firefox, My Words” campaign, I wanted to share the highlight reel we put together from our “On the Street” Interviews project from late 2008.

We let our campus reps loose on the streets with cameras to go talk to people about Firefox. This is a highlight reel of some of the submissions from Fall 2008.

Our Campus Reps’ videos ranged from a couple of minutes to over 30 minutes… and we finally got around to editing all the content into a 4 minute video (Thanks Rainer!).

Now it’s time to get ready for “My Firefox, My Words”… an awesome project that our entire Mozilla community can get excited about!

Dec 08

The “official” QMO beta…

It’s been a long road since I first got the old QMO site up and running and tried to convince people that it was the future of Mozilla QA.  After over a year and a half of experimentation, discussion, design, development, and testing… I am proud to announce the launch of the “official” QMO beta.

This project was really born in the early days of the Mozilla Foundation when Asa, Chofmann, Cbeard and I were throwing around ideas of what a Mozilla QA site might look.  It took a while to get enough QA resources to allow me to dedicate time to thinking about QA community planning, but in 2007 I decided to build a new home for Mozilla QA.  I had always felt that something was missing and that we needed a place to call our own on the Web.

While we used to rely on our team mailing list and the QA blog on mozillaZine, we now have a robust community website that I believe will help bring the Mozilla QA team and our growing community of volunteers together.  We will be able to better collaborate to improve the quality of all Mozilla products and services, and QMO will provide a place for others to join us and learn more about Mozilla QA.

As some of you already know, I’ve been transitioning from engineering to marketing over the past few months and the QMO project is my last project as a QA guy.  It has been quite a journey watching the team grow from 3 people in 2004 to over 20 today.  We have accomplished so much in those 4 years and I hope QMO will bring the team even more success in the future.

I like to look at QMO as my farewell gift to the Mozilla QA team.  I have put so much time and energy into this project that it’s sad I won’t be using it every day.  However, I am confident that my QA comrades will make good use if it.  🙂

Thanks to Rubber Design for the logo, Airbag Industries for the site design, and Advomatic for the development!  And of course the Mozilla Webdev, IT, and QA teams for everything they do.

Dec 08

‘Tis the Season for a Foxy Holiday…

To get everyone into the holiday spirit, Alix and I have created a special “Foxy Holiday” page on Spread Firefox.

We wanted to tell people about a few Firefox Add-ons, including holiday themes and helpful shopping extensions, and give them a chance to try out our Fashion Your Firefox collections!  There are also some nice “Tips for Online Shopping” that will help people shop safely and securely on the Web.

And since this is the season for giving, we wanted to tell folks about the amazing t-shirt designs at the Mozilla Community Store and other gift ideas for family and friends.  Every year there are also community members that create some great artwork for the holidays, so we wanted to showcase some of that creativity as well.

This year, even I got into the spirit and created a couple of banners to share!  Feel free to put them up on your blogs and websites. 😉  Thanks to Monique Johnson for the initial artwork and to Ken Saunders at AccessFirefox.org for the ornaments.