Nov 10

MDN 0.9.1 released

Today we successfully pushed out the first of many updates to the new MDN website. This first Danger Mouse (0.9.x) release focused on tweaks based on community feedback and will set us up for more improvements to come.

With MDN 0.9.1, we made the following notable changes to give visitors a better experience at https://developer.mozilla.org:

  • “DevMo intro” bar is now hidden for frequent visitors
  • Promo box is smaller so other content can be above the fold
  • “Quick Reference” to popular content replaces the Twitter feed
  • “Firefox 4 for Developers” block to get developers access to all the latest features they can look forward to
  • “MDN Forums” block to encourage more discussions there
  • “Applications” have been relabeled “Mozilla” throughout the site so that our open source project contributors can find what they need
  • “Docs” have been relabeled “Doc Center” so that “MDC” can live on as the MDN Doc Center
  • New videos added to the Mobile and Add-ons pages highlighting presentation from Stuart (Fennec), Ragavan (Sync) and Myk (Add-on Builder)

Thanks for everyone that helped get this first release out… there’s definitely more to come. We plan to do more incremental releases for MDN 0.9.x (aka Danger Mouse) to further improve the MDN experience.

You can look forward to a new Deki skin to match the look of MDN, single sign on for MDN/Deki/forums, developer profiles for our members and localization of new content to start. From there, we’ll work with our documentation and developer communities to get feedback and iterate some more. So stay tuned.

Thanks! – Jay

Jun 10

MDN Roadmap for 2010

It was great to see a nice turnout for the MDN brownbag today.  There were a lot of great questions and people are excited about our plans for take the MDN website and our documentation platform to the next level.   I look forward to continuing the conversation at the Mozilla Summit next week.

The MDN team will be having a breakout session on Friday afternoon, so I hope people will be able to make it.  In the meantime, here  is some study material. 🙂

Mozilla Developer Network : Roadmap 2010

Jun 10

Sharing the MDN roadmap

The Mozilla engagement team has seen a lot of change in the past few months and while it has been challenging to continue the momentum we built last year around the Mozilla Developer Network, it’s time to pick up the pace.   A lot of discussions have happened and planning has begun to guide our MDN vision through the rest of 2010 and into next year.

I plan to share the current roadmap for the MDN website and programs tomorrow during a public brownbag.  Here are the details:

  • MDN roadmap for 2010 and beyond
  • Wednesday, June 30th 2010 @ TIME CHANGED to 1:30pm!
  • Mozilla HQ in Ten Forward and via Air Mozilla
  • Dial-in info for those that want to call in: 1-800-707-2533 (password 369) or 1-650-215-1282 (extension 92#)….then dial Conference number 8600#

I have not yet had an opportunity to share a lot of information with the broader community, so let me provide some background.    The concept for the MDN was conceived last summer after Blizzard’s successful 35 days of Firefox blog that highlighted developer features in Firefox 3.5.   We saw an opportunity to build on that success and decided to redesign the blog and relaunch the Hacks blog as a channel to communicate the latest open Web innovations with our web developer community.  We also conducted some developer community research to learn more about our developer segments and how we could better engage with them.  Both the November 2009 and March 2010 surveys were successful and have provided us with a lot of insights to help drive future programs.

We learned a lot through our first few MDN projects and quickly realized that the next big challenge was to give MDC/DevMo an upgrade.  We started by making some minor changes to the current homepage to introduce the MDN brand and share more information targeted at our diverse developer community.  And we will soon unveil a completely redesigned front-end to http://developer.mozilla.org  and officially introduce the “new” MDN website… so stay tuned!

Tomorrow’s brownbag will focus on our initial launch plans for the MDN website and provide an overview of things to come over the next few months.  We have ambitious goals to create an active communication hub for developers and improve our documentation center to address the needs of our community,  so please join us if you are interested in what’s coming up for the MDN.

UPDATE: Slides for those that couldn’t make it or had trouble seeing via AirMozilla: http://www.scribd.com/doc/33755615/Mozilla-Developer-Network-Roadmap-2010