Jan 09

Sept choses

Chris Blizzard tagged me, and this is as reasonable an introduction to Planet as any other. I’m Joe Drew, otherwise named JOEDREW! \o/ (apparently by Deb originally, but these things take on a life of their own). I currently work on imagelib in the Mozilla Corporation’s graphics group, out of MoCo’s Toronto office. I plan to blog about pictures on the open web; the exploits of Jeff Muizelaar, my partner in (graphics) crime here in the Toronto office; and non-Euclidean geometry.

Here are the rules for this particular meme

  1. Link to your original tagger(s) and list these rules in your post.
  2. Share seven facts about yourself in the post.
  3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names and the links to their blogs.
  4. Let them know they’ve been tagged.

My seven things:

  1. I’ve had five non-retail jobs in my life:
    • In Grade 11, I had a summer job doing Microsoft Access and VB consulting at a small, now-defunct shop called Idea People. Surprisingly, this was my first job, even before any retail work I eventually did.
    • Three of my jobs came through the University of Waterloo‘s co-op program:
    • After graduating, I continued working at Side Effects Software for a couple of years, on all manner of 3D-related things. (I consider this the “same job” as my co-op terms at Side Effects.)
    • Finally, I found myself applying to and being hired by the Mozilla Corporation, my experiences at which is more or less what this entire blog will be about.
  2. Without my wife, who at the time was my girlfriend, I might not have gone to Waterloo at all. It was between U of T and Waterloo; U of T had offered me a substantial scholarship, on-campus residence, and had a professor call me to sell me on the school. Waterloo gave me no money and told me to find my own place to live. Lisa convinced me that Waterloo was still the right choice, which turned out to be true: without my co-op job experience, I would be in a very different place, career-wise.
  3. I’ve had precisely one significant other throughout my life: Lisa, my wife. We are literally highschool sweethearts who survived the separation of university to get married after we graduated.
  4. Before I wised up and moved to the city, I owned a car – a 2005 Saturn Ion. I wrecked it in a hilariously poorly-thought-out attempted U-turn to avoid a long line for left turns.
  5. I have never left North America, but Lisa was born in Malta.
  6. In the past, I was a fairly active Debian developer; I even organized DebConf 2 at York University here in Toronto. (These days, I am pretty disgusted with Debian; it seems it’s more about forcing other people to do what you want through voting than working out the best technical solution for users.) I have not used a Linux system at home since 2004.
  7. I wrote mpg321 as a Free alternative to mpg123 (back when mpg123 was still non-Free). I had all manner of plans to extend that software, but they fell by the wayside, as things do. I now use iTunes and my iPhone to listen to music.

And now, as is part of this meme, I get to tag folk.

  1. Vladimir Vukićević, my manager, because he doesn’t blog enough.
  2. Ryan North, because he is awesome and draws Dinosaur Comics.
  3. Shawn Wilsher, who doesn’t eat shawarma for unknown reasons.
  4. Dave Townsend, who now looks like a little boy.
  5. Jenny Boriss, because she makes me laugh.
  6. Katie Bonnar, who I beat out for Prime Minister of Student Council because of damn dirty tricks.

    And finally,

  7. Jeff Muizelaar, because he told me not to tag him.