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Monthly Archives: January 2011

Redirecting kickstart %pre/%post over serial console


To push output over console exec /dev/ttyS1 at the top of your %pre and/or %post sections of your kickstart config.

Working around missing –label option for RAID partitions in Kickstart


TL;DR – During kickstart, you can initiate “normal” partitions with a simple --label flag, why not a RAID partition? There are hardware setups that cause the on-disk OS to “see” your drives differently than kickstart did (a situation UUIDs normally solves, but referencing the UUID can be non-ideal in certain cases). This work-around fixes some of those cases.

Incrementing alpha strings with Vim


TL;DR: Need to increment a MAC address (for example) in Vim? Do this::set nf=octal,hex,alpha
Now put the cursor over the 2nd char of the octet pair and press <CTRL-A> to increment. Add the ‘set‘ line to your .vimrc for permanence.

PXE booting DOS


TL;DR: We still (apparently) need DOS to flash our firmware. Doing this the old way sucks and doesn’t scale. Read on for a network-based solution using PXE (via DHCP + TFTP) on Linux.