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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Sync meltdown presentation @ Mozilla


Before ‘The Sync Platform Meltdown, Explained‘ was posted, I did a “brown bag” presentation at Mozilla HQ explaining what happened. Here is the recorded stream, if you’d prefer this instead of reading the long post about it: -jv

The Sync Platform Meltdown, Explained


TL;DR: Recently, the Firefox Sync platform suffered serious performance degradation. We’d like to explain what happened, as well as the steps taken to deal with the issue from the perspective of Mozilla Services Operations (“Ops”). The Sync platform melted down after the release of Firefox 7… …to put it bluntly. This was the worst outage […]

Even more Debugging of Sync


TL;DR: Helping debug certain kinds of errors require increasing your log verbosity so we can see what’s going wrong. This explains how to adjust your Firefox config to do that. In some cases, your default-verbosity Sync logs don’t have enough details. Fortunately, Firefox has a lot of config options, and several of these options can […]

Help Mozilla Services Operations debug what’s wrong with Sync


This post is for historical purposes only. Please do not send us any more log data at this time. Thank you!   TL;DR: Paste your most recent about:sync-log into a and send a link to @mozservices for us to check out. Sometimes when there’s a problem with Firefox Sync, Mozilla Services Operations (@mozservices) needs […]