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Category Archives: HOWTO

Help Mozilla Services Operations debug what’s wrong with Sync


This post is for historical purposes only. Please do not send us any more log data at this time. Thank you!   TL;DR: Paste your most recent about:sync-log into a and send a link to @mozservices for us to check out. Sometimes when there’s a problem with Firefox Sync, Mozilla Services Operations (@mozservices) needs […]

Redirecting kickstart %pre/%post over serial console


To push output over console exec /dev/ttyS1 at the top of your %pre and/or %post sections of your kickstart config.

Working around missing –label option for RAID partitions in Kickstart


TL;DR – During kickstart, you can initiate “normal” partitions with a simple --label flag, why not a RAID partition? There are hardware setups that cause the on-disk OS to “see” your drives differently than kickstart did (a situation UUIDs normally solves, but referencing the UUID can be non-ideal in certain cases). This work-around fixes some of those cases.

Incrementing alpha strings with Vim


TL;DR: Need to increment a MAC address (for example) in Vim? Do this::set nf=octal,hex,alpha
Now put the cursor over the 2nd char of the octet pair and press <CTRL-A> to increment. Add the ‘set‘ line to your .vimrc for permanence.

PXE booting DOS


TL;DR: We still (apparently) need DOS to flash our firmware. Doing this the old way sucks and doesn’t scale. Read on for a network-based solution using PXE (via DHCP + TFTP) on Linux.