Articles from 2012

Awesome l10n contributor: Ibrahima Saar

Part of a series similar to the Awesome L10n Communities series where individual contributors are spotlighted for their efforts. Ibrahima Saar   Started with Mozilla project: Firefox Nationality: Senegalese/Mauritanian Languages: … Read more

Documenting L20n.js

L20n’s JS lib is getting test cases and better documentation to make the code easier to work with and understand. The JavaScript implementation of L20n is composed of 4 main … Read more

Coming to your twitter feed

I am very happy to announce that @mozilla_l10n is officially live! Here’s what you can expect from following @mozilla_l10n: Event/deadline notifications and reminders, Public welcome to newcomers, Calls for participation … Read more

Translate-a-thon in Mexico

Yucatec Maya is spoken daily by nearly 700,000 people in the Southern Mexico. It’s a living language, descendant of the civilization of antiquity, which has stood for centuries, with a … Read more