At a press conference earlier today in Taipei (2pm local time on 6/3/2013), the Foxconn Technology Group announced their support for Firefox OS, Mozilla’s open Web mobile operating system. The partnership includes collaboration on the use of the Firefox OS on Foxconn devices to create new, integrated offerings. For complete press release, see Mozilla’s press […]

As we start to roll out Firefox OS based mobile devices in the coming months, where all apps on our platform are pure web apps, we frequently get aksed — will HTML5 based applications be as good as the Native Apps people have gotten used to on Android and iOS systems? Will web apps be […]

Today we announced (at a press event held in Taipei) that Mozilla will set up shop in Taipei in the coming weeks. We are now recruiting for dozens of highly qualified engineers to work on our exciting B2G and Mobile projects. Come join us!

Throughout 2005, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer was under tremendous public pressure to counter the insurgency of Google, in terms of both business and talent. The year before Google had just established its presence in Kirkland, practically backyard of Microsoft’s Redmond campus, at the time widely seen as an extraordinarily bold attempt to thumb its nose […]

HP suing to stop Mark Hurd taking up his post as co-president at Oracle is potentially doing a huge favor to many Sun managers who got absorbed into Oracle. Because once he starts, he will have both the authority (which his predecessor had) and experience of computer systems (which his predecessor did not) to realize […]

Everyone by now has seen yesterday’s news that Oracle sued Google over alledged patent infringements relating to Android. I thought “OK, interesting”, and went on with other more pressing tasks at hand. Then I got pinged by someone asking if I was the inventor of 2 of the 7 patents Oracle cited in the lawsuit. […]

I sat at Air China’s departure lounge in Beijing yesterday and as usual tried to get online via Wi-Fi using my iPod touch. Surprised to find that a new system has been installed recently where one *has* to use IE on Windows in order to complete online access. Was told by the staff there that […]

China Construction Bank (CCB), which is the second largest bank in the world (by market cap) and has the second largest online user base in China, yesterday announced that their personal banking site has solved the web compatibility problem and now supports Firefox. If you read Chinese, you can see CCB’s own announcement at […]

The recent Google bombshell has certainly been heard around the world. Tons of coverage both in the US and in China — lots of headline echoes, some sensational nonsense, and very little substantial and knowledgeable analysis. How will this movie play out? Let me spoil the plot here. My executive summary – not insider info […]

In recent days, a wave of warnings from industry (Google, among others) and governments (from Germany to Australia and others) on the vulnerabilities of IE6 has resulted in a rush for users to download Firefox (, the primary alternative browser to IE. On a worldwide level, IE6 (released in 2001) is just one major variant […]