9th Dec, 2008

Firefox China Edition updated today

Tuesday (12/9/2008 Beijing time), we updated the Firefox China Edition to a new version (2008.12).

The main update is that we now provide Google search (as well as Baidu) in Live Margins, and users can configure which default search engine they prefer. In Live Margins (the sidebar at the right side of the browser), if you set Google as default, then Google results will be shown. But at the same time you can simply click a button there to show results from Baidu for the same term(s) you are searching. Vice versa when you set Baidu as default.

We also updated a feature that we call (for lack of a better term) associated search. If you search in the chrome (either from Google, Baidu, or Wikipedia, or whatever), Live Margins will automatically conduct a search also, using the same term(s) you are looking for. So that, suppose you are looking for a definition in Wikipedia, you will also be presented with search results from your favorite engine. We will not duplicate search if the engine you are searching with is the same engine you have set as default in Live Margins. This associated search will occur even if you have “closed” Live Margins (by clicking the g-fox logo at the upper right hand corner). When Live Margins is closed, the g-fox turns into grey color. When an associated search occurs and “new info” is available for viewing, the g-fox blinks for a brief second and turns into bright red color. The associated search ensures that Live Margins always have up to date info on things you are searching for elsewhere in the browser.

The new version can be downloaded from mozillaonline.com or g-fox.cn. We welcome feedback on this forum or at the dedicated forum on g-fox.cn.

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