9th Feb, 2010

China Construction Bank Supports Firefox

China Construction Bank (CCB), which is the second largest bank in the world (by market cap) and has the second largest online user base in China, yesterday announced that their personal banking site has solved the web compatibility problem and now supports Firefox. If you read Chinese, you can see CCB’s own announcement at http://www.ccb.com/cn/ccbtoday/20100208_1265610102.html and another report at http://bank.baidu.com/2010-02-08/122642441.html.

With such a move, CCB became the first major Chinese bank to support Firefox. This is very significant and positive news for Mozilla, because online banking has been the most visible area of web incompatibility problems in China. Until now, all major Chinese banks supported an IE-only solution with ActiveX-based technology, forcing users to use Microsoft Windows/IE and seriously lagging behind their international peers. CCB’s breakthrough represents just the beginning of this ground shift and we fully expect that other banks will follow suit in the coming months.


Great news!

Does it work only with Firefox, or do they support other non-IE browsers too?

The solution should work for Chrome and Safari, given that they use the same Firefox/Netscape plugin architecture, but that has not been extensively tested.

It is really good news. I think CCB should also work towards support of other browsers like safarai, opera and many more. You never know which browsing software may your customer can use.

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If the China Bank for Construction is backing up Firefox in China, it must mean that the government is finally willing to be more permissive about the internet browsing and use policy and will allow people better access to information. This is indeed great news.
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This is really good news! Hopefully this represents a shift away from the dreadful IE6 😉

good info!

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