11th May, 2010

PC/Windows//IE Only in Air China Lounges

I sat at Air China’s departure lounge in Beijing yesterday and as usual tried to get online via Wi-Fi using my iPod touch. Surprised to find that a new system has been installed recently where one *has* to use IE on Windows in order to complete online access. Was told by the staff there that the new system was requested by the public security buaeru in order to better track online activites. And they had already heard quite a few complaints from their customers.

Just another example of the sad state of the Internet in China today.


because of the great market share of Win/IE in China, most of the project has to focus on the MS platform.

btw, the ff chinese version is not as good as the original one, a more flexible approach is supposed to be imported to introduce the various add-ons rather than embedded already.

sincerely regards

Hi yli,

Thanks for your comment. But i do not quite understand why you think the China Edition is not as good as the baseline edition. After all, the China Edition takes nothing away from the baseline edition and adds additional features.

I do understand that a better way to make addons easier to locate and install and use would be useful. We are looking into this area.



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Hi Li,

Yes, the bias for IE and especially IE6 is really sad in China. If you check out CCTV’s new video site for English news, its only configured for IE as well.

I think education is key. After I show people what Firefox can do especially with all the extensions, I have seen many converts.

I’m glad to have visited your blog and good to know you! I find it interesting

and informative.

I’ve heard about internet censorship in China, but I’m surprised to read that IE6 is preferred over Firefox. I would have thought that Firefox would be much more popular than the bland IE6…

Dude, the internet is not only the best thing to ever happen but also the worst. I don’t know which is more though. Sigh,

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