3rd Jun, 2013

Foxconn Joins the Firefox OS Eco-System

At a press conference earlier today in Taipei (2pm local time on 6/3/2013), the Foxconn Technology Group announced their support for Firefox OS, Mozilla’s open Web mobile operating system. The partnership includes collaboration on the use of the Firefox OS on Foxconn devices to create new, integrated offerings. For complete press release, see Mozilla’s press center for more details.

At the same conference, we showed the first FFOS-enabled tablet alongside a few of the (now well-known) FFOS enabled smartphones.

Firefox OS_tablets_smartphones-1LiuGongGongWithDevices

Foxconn stated that they intend to have FFOS running on all categories of the “8 screen” devices, from smartphone to tablets to laptops to TVs and outdoor signage. All very exciting!



What does “8 screen” devices mean or refer to?

Congratuations Mozilla!

“which eight different panels are actual 8 Screen? These are mobile phone screen, tablet PC, NB, AIO, portable TV, TV, whiteboard, and LED display.”

src: http://www.oesf-global.com/blog/2013/02/26/foxconn-8-screen-in-one-cloud-plan-introduction-of-html5-and-technology-key-point/

I love you Mozilla, but due to foxconn’s nefarious history with poor working conditions and suicides I just have to say:

I’m sorry I won’t be able to buy a tablet 🙁

@Caspy7 It means exactly that, whether it is a 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, or 10″ device it is still mobile. 8″ translates to mini tablets, like the Kindle tablets, Galaxy Tab / Note 8, and the iPad Mini. So think of those devices with a tablet UI similar to Android’s, like the one Paranoid Android or Apex Launcher uses.

You should really not join together with Foxconn.

I have been a long time user of Firefox and I am actually thinking of switching from all Mozilla products.

Perhaps I know where you are coming from.
Question is which are the far better alternatives? (..maybe a sad question..)
Also, perhaps the good people at mozilla will indeed do a rethink? At least in the way the decision was made?
Wrote more about it on:

I know I’m just beating the drum at this point, but I have to add myself to the list of concerned individuals at the idea of Mozilla aligning themselves with Foxconn.

I’ve been spreading the word of Firefox for a long time, but this is the first time I’ve had strong doubts about Mozilla’s direction.

What happens once you stop using Mozilla software, huh? Google Chrome? Internet Explorer? Afterwards you go to an actual unethical alternative to soothe your “conscience”? They’ll still be using them because that isn’t convincing enough to reconsider.

Instead of some empty threat, could you just disagree with their choice and provide an alternative that suits you? That might actually more easily change someones mind if they cared enough do the research for them. Otherwise you just sound like someone who wanted to get angry.

You also have to understand the market FFOS is trying to compete in because it certainly ain’t up market. This may be the only viable move for them right now. Hell, they might even become big enough with this decision to be capable on choosing ethical manufactures. Unlike Apple, Samsung, LG, Sharp, ASUS, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Nvidia, Cisco, Intel, AMD, Dell, etc. Where’s your boycott attitude with them?

Pull you computer stuff apart (if you don’t wanna, find out it’s component and where they’re sourced from).

If you really gave a damn, you probably wouldn’t get a phone, TV, PC, laptop, radio, car, aircon, watch, shoes, underwear, most clothes, most food, most drinks, most common sources of electricity, etc. I’ll give you everything if you can buy yourself an ethically made PC (that includes phones, tablets, laptops, desktops).
Try it

For the record, I’m not being an apologist for Mozilla OR Foxconn. I just want you to try and think, with their point of view when they hear “Oh I can’t like you anymore because the news told me that these guys are mean to their workers”. News flash, we have bigger problems on this planet RIGHT NOW than whether or not Mozilla (a decent org) using a seedy manufacturer.

Sort out your priorities, seriously…

@AUX: you make some entirely valid points, so for the most part I can’t argue (though I shall of course try). I wouldn’t stop supporting Mozilla at at any rate.

My biggest concern is this; previously, Mozilla has been uncompromising in upholding its ethos and promoting positive change in the world. This move has made me question how true that still is and evaluate other compromises Mozilla has made.

In addition, it worries me that Mozilla would be willing to align themselves with a company who has received repeated, high profile negative publicity regarding their work ethics. I can’t help but wonder why they would wish to be tarnished with that brush. Thought I recognise that the wider public wouldn’t realistically care about the working conditions in those factories, as evidenced by Apple’s continued success.

The one saving grace of the move, in my view, is that Mozilla’s relationship with Foxconn has the potential to incite positive change in Foxconn’s working practices. Again though, I recognise that as being an overly quixotic prospect.

This for real?? Gee’s thought the jobs was coming back to America?? This sounds like China, wormed their way over to USA Again?? MMM have to think about this….wwwhen does the average person start having trouble here….Has Firefox complained of this?? I will stay on until things get running bad!

hi i love you guys
i believe this OS can change the way we are knowing smart phones and tablet
i am really looking forward to see your success

I don’t see the problem with Mozilla aligning with Foxconn, Apple has done it and mostly nobody cared for it as long as they got their hands on the product. Several brands build their products in Foxconn facilities, which share very similarities with others in China as well, the fact that we do not get to know about them is a pure direct consequence of Apple’s relationship with Foxconn and nothing else.

Nokia, Samsung, Sony, Microsoft, LG and several others ensemble their products in Chinese facilities so are all of you Foxconn detractors going to stop buying and using technology at all because of this?

I’ll give you the answer in advance: you aren’t because most of the current technology —if not all of it— is tainted with the shadow of unethical working conditions.

So deal with it or throw away your TVs, computers, tablets, phones, radios, refrigerators, stoves, hair-driers, toasters, mixers, microwaves and so forth.

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I enjoy with mozilla

I always like Mozilla

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