Website Testing is Here!

This fall, we implemented a website optimization solution and our early results are outstanding!


Our first two A/B tests have seen double-digit engagement improvements — 33% on the First Run page and over 50% on the What’s New page (more analysis later this week). Thanks to Sean Martell and the Labs team for the creative changes you see above.

In the past, we have occasionally conducted website experiments and discussed our goals and our resulting insights. Look for the pacing to change. Moving forward, website optimization will be a continuous, long term activity within the Mozilla community. For example, we will be running at least two website experiments at all times – beginning with our top touch points. The Firefox Update page (“What’s New”), the Getting Started page, as well as the Support and Add-ons hompages are just a few of our top priorities.

If you have any experiment ideas, please leave them in the comments. Or, better yet, fill out this form, which we review weekly.