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Firefox Gone Mobile Ice Cream Truck Going to London, June 15-17

Since March, the Firefox Gone Mobile ice cream truck has cruised through the US cities of Austin, Los Angeles and New York serving free, community-named gourmet ice cream and talking to folks about Firefox for mobile. It’s been fantastic to interact with each and every visitor, answering questions, demoing Firefox for Android and Firefox Home for the iPhone, helping folks download and eating free sweet treats!

Due to its great reception, we’re taking Firefox Gone Mobile across the pond! Next week, June 15-17, we’ll be driving the Firefox Gone Mobile ice cream truck around London from from 12-6pm each day, clad with great swag and our famous, community-named ice cream creations. (Have you tried the Mozilly Vanilly or The Awesome Bar?)

To find out where we are each day, follow us @mozmobile and be sure to look out for #fficecream on Twitter. We’ll be tweeting our location throughout the  day so bring a friend or co-worker, get a hug from The Firefox himself, (maybe a t-shirt too!) and learn more about Firefox for mobile. See you there.

Share Your Spark to Win a Firefox 4 Launch Shirt!

The Spark has traveled to 145 countries and 6 continents, plus thousands of levels have been unlocked and tens of thousands of badges have been earned. Which badges have you earned?

To reward our top badge earners, we’ll be contacting those who have successfully shared Firefox for mobile 13 or more times and earned themselves the “The Baker’s Dozen” badge with a coveted Firefox 4 Launch T-Shirt. Reward recipients will be contacted by Friday, May 6, so there’s still time to earn that shirt!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Share your unique URL via email, SMS and your social networks to earn more shares, unlock levels and get that badge
  • Share your unique QR code directly with others, phone-to-phone or be printing out your unique poster

Keep lighting up the globe and earning badges for more chances to win. Your support of Firefox for mobile is a huge steps towards the fulfillment of the Mozilla mission. Keep it up and let’s celebrate the journey of the open Web!

What’s New in Spark
We’ve made some recent updates to Spark that you’ll want to know about:

  • Want to share Spark with your friends even if they don’t have a mobile phone? Now you can sign up to play spark on your desktop. Get started!
  • During setup, you can more easily Boost Your Spark by sharing the city nearest to you and identify who sent you their Spark in order to earn some awesome badges
  • Check out the brief FAQ we’ve added in case you have any questions along your way

New Suggested Mobile Add-on: Easy Reading

Easy Reading, developed by our very own Brad Lassey and Ben Stover, is a really handy add-on for reading content on your mobile. It’s an add-on that helps text reflow into a more reader friendly format when you zoom in on copy that’s too small to read. Just double tap to zoom in and text will reflow so that you can easily read your content on your screen. Simple as pie! Enjoy!

Attend the Mobile Add-ons Online Training Week, Oct 20-22

Ok, so it’s not a full week, but this virtual training event will give you all the information you need to build and port a mobile add-on for Firefox!

Firefox 4 Beta for Android and Maemo has been released into the wild. Pretty soon it will be available for download in the Android Marketplace. Already Firefox for mobile has seen tremendous intrigue and attention from press and consumers, not to mention our 400 million desktop users who have been asking to take their Firefox with them wherever they go. The opportunity to get in early and develop mobile add-ons for Firefox is enormous.

In order to help you capitalize on this opportunity and get great exposure for your mobile innovations, we’re hosting a Mobile Add-ons Online Training Week, October 20-22. These three days are designed to help you get the information, tips and tricks that you need to develop or port an add-on to Firefox mobile.

From October 20-22, members of the mobile and AMO teams will be hosting online office hours on IRC and giving live video presentations on the following topics:

  • Developing mobile add-ons from scratch
  • Porting an existing desktop add-on to mobile
  • UI considerations and compatibility
  • Top add-on request from users, ways to get exposure, and an upcoming Challenge precursor

Hope to see you there!  To get the agenda, topics and participation details, please see Online Training Week Agenda.