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How do you manage a lot of log files from a lot of hosts?

You use Splunk, of course! And for those that hadn’t noticed, the 3.0 beta went out yesterday. You should probably get it. Update: Under their beta notes I see this: “Only the Firefox browser is supported in this beta. Support for IE will be added later.” I won’t shed any tears over that 🙂

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I’m a Mac? and why the open Web rocks.

With prodding from co-workers I’ve shed the final vestiges of my Windows life. A couple months ago I switched my portable computing platform to a black MacBook that no one wanted (it seemed the perfect size to take with my on my trip to Amsterdam) and now I’ve replaced my desktop with a Mac Pro.… Read more

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Another 100 miles, Delta Century Ride Report

(This would have been posted earlier this week but I’ve had no end of problems trying to get iframes in WordPress-MU working.) I wrapped up my second century this year over in Lodi, CA this past Sunday doing the Delta Century. Total ride time came in at 6:29. Ride had a number of firsts for… Read more


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What do you do with a bunch of Celerons?

In an effort to redefine the meaning of “performance”, we turn them into a performance cluster (where slower is better). As Boris Zbarsky said, If the hardware is so fast that, say, the resolution (or whatever perl module we use) is insufficient to accurately time the tests, then we have a problem. This follows… Read more

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Where in the world is AMO? (Part III: It’s Dead.)

Shortly before 12:30am PDT I had to roll back the DNS changes to AMO and serve it only out of San Jose. Around this time, Europe started coming online and pushed traffic loads up, exhausting the capabilities of the Netscalers in Amsterdam. The Bad Unfortunately when SSL transactions/second hit nearly 900 a second the CPU… Read more

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Where in the world is AMO?

After a week or so of testing, we’re ready to flip the switch on getting to be served out of Amsterdam as well as San Jose. I talked about how we’re doing this last week if you’re interested. We’ll make this change during our normal Tuesday maintenance window. Hopefully the Netscalers in Amsterdam will… Read more

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Where’s Mozilla traffic going?

One of our objectives for this year was to get a better trending of network traffic and flows for capacity planning, colo planning and attack mitigation. The NetFlow tool we’re using also allows me to run a report of top destination ASNs, or networks we send the most amount of traffic to as well as… Read more

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