Where in the world is AMO?


Dam Square, Amsterdam at Night.Amsterdam

After a week or so of testing, we’re ready to flip the switch on getting addons.mozilla.org to be served out of Amsterdam as well as San Jose. I talked about how we’re doing this last week if you’re interested. We’ll make this change during our normal Tuesday maintenance window.

Amsterdam Colo Hopefully the Netscalers in Amsterdam will be able to handle the load – they are three hardware versions below what we have in San Jose and I’d really hate to have to back out.If it does work, folks living in closer proximity to Amsterdam should see much better page load times!

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  1. Gijs wrote on :

    Wait… you were forced to be away from home, in Amsterdam around Christmas / New Year? Poor you!

    Also, next time you visit, let some of us in the low lands know – we’ll buy you a beer or something. 🙂

  2. Frédéric Wenzel wrote on :

    Looking forward to that, very much. Not only because I am indeed much closer to Amsterdam than I am to San Jose 🙂

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