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Posts from June, 2007

Comcast, Boo!!

I just switched from Vonage to Comcast Digital Voice and noticed the following under Status on portal: Firefox is currently not playing back voice mail messages correctly. Please consider an alternate browser such as Internet Explorer or Safari while we address the issue. Seriously?

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Secret ipv6 sites…

If you’re ipv6 enabled, stuff the following into your hosts file and let me know how it goes. 2620:0:330:5::10 2620:0:330:5::11 2620:0:330:5::31 It might even be faster (since you’re probably the only one using those machines)!


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Driving barefoot.

This is a rare non-Mozilla posting but worthy enough to share (IMO anyways). I’m a Mac toting, blue leaning, carpool-loving Prius driver and tend to average about 47.1 mpg on my commute from “outer” East Bay (Pleasanton/Dublin). However, the past week’s weather has been much warmer and I’ve been driving mostly barefoot. I was surprised… Read more

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Who needs IPv6 anyways?

The 6bone is dead. Long live IPv6. (Don’t know what IPv6 is?) I’m no stranger to v6 – I played with it years ago while at 3Com (hi Cindy!) and actually deployed it natively, along with an automatic 6to4 tunnel relay, at the last ISP I worked at. However, I think I was on the… Read more

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