Where in the world is AMO? (Part V: It’s live, again!)

With little fanfare, we flipped the switch last night and started serving addons.mozilla.org out of both Amsterdam and San Jose. Took two tries and a hardware swap, but we got it!

This whole saga’s been detailed elsewhere (and here and here and here).

The Good (and the graphs)
Last time, I rolled back when Europe started waking up (~12:30am PDT). The Netscalers hit close to 900 SSL transactions/second before failing. As you can see, we more than doubled that rate!

AMO SSL Trans/sec

addons.mozilla.org is highly cache-friendly, which makes this whole solution work really well. Don’t believe me? Check out how the slope of cache request/second match nicely with SSL transactions/second:

SSL & Cache Rates

Where is everyone?
And finally, because everyone likes graphs and charts, here’s what AMO traffic looks like out of Amsterdam (and bonus points to anyone who can tell me when we made the DNS change):

AMO Traffic

… and out of San Jose:

AMO (SJC) Traffic

John Lilly blogged about Firefox growth based on language (locale) version, and while the US probably accounts for the majority of the traffic out of San Jose, the US is not, as John points out, the majority. 55% of AMO’s traffic is coming out of Amsterdam vs. 44% out of San Jose.

ps. To give credit where credit’s due, I should thank Citrix for aborting their normal release process to get me new code builds to get around two potential service impacting bugs. Took them a mere few days vs. six weeks, so rock on Citrix.


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