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Posts from August, 2007

China, day two

Today was filled with a long, exhausting work day interrupted by lunch at a nearby seafood place Li and everyone at the office took us to. I think the feeling was that this place was average but to my untrained Chinese tastes, the food sure was good. We met Mi Jai after breakfast (and after… Read more


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China, day one

In China now, after a 12+ hour flight from San Francisco.  Got in about 4-5 hours ago (I’m all screwed up on time right now). It’s overcast and muggy and reminds me of Chicago summers.  Amazingly like Chicago actually except that I smell exhaust fumes (like Tijuana).  And people smoke (a lot more than I’ve… Read more

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ipv6… is this thing on?

During the past two Firefox releases ( and I’ve been running an dual-stake ipv4/ipv6 accessible download server. This box was serving Firefox updates and was part of I thought I could use traffic numbers to help justify a native ipv6 Internet connection. Here’s what ipv4 traffic looked like during a one week period… Read more

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Justin, you win.

“There’s the iPhone and then there’s everything else.” – Sean Alamares After weeks of trying to find an acceptable replacement to my Verizon Treo 700w, I’m throwing in the towel. iPhone, you win.

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