China, day two


Today was filled with a long, exhausting work day interrupted by lunch at a nearby seafood place Li and everyone at the office took us to. I think the feeling was that this place was average but to my untrained Chinese tastes, the food sure was good.


We met Mi Jai after breakfast (and after a quick run to Starbucks) who escorted us over to Mozilla Online’s office. We quickly realized we’d need to take a trip to pick up ethernet cables and a few other items. Mi took us to what I can only describe as a 7 story Frys Electronics with hundreds of vendors all selling nearly the same wares and all vying for our attention. It’s probably not a place I would have done on my own.

The rest of the day was spent setting up the frontend router and wifi and what will become the Asterisks server and occasionally complaining about how hot it was.

A couple notes of interest:

  1. Please smoke a lot. Mi told us over dinner that China produces 30% of the world tobacco but consumes about 70%.
  2. Beds in China are much harder than anything else I’ve ever slept on except the floor. In fact, I could almost argue that my carpeted floor is softer than the bed I’m on.
  3. People drive with seemingly disregard for pedestrian traffic. This is in sharp contrast to California where most folks yield to pedestrians.
  4. I can manage okay with chopsticks but must be wearing some sign on my back – during lunch the waitress brought out silverware for only Justin and me.


Anyways, more photos are over at this Flickr stream.


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  1. Gerv wrote on :

    Could 4.) be because you are non-Asian? I’ve had this a couple of times in China or Hong Kong; I politely refuse the cutlery and ask for chopsticks, sometimes acting jokingly offended. The serving staff usually find it amusing. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Jia Mi wrote on :

    Hi Matthew, we want more, ๐Ÿ˜›